--- title: SJM TPF Bio tags: TPF --- ## Welcome Although I started as a developer in the mid 90's with a need to migrate services from fax, IVR and BBS to e-commerce, I found that my skills were far better used helping the customer find out what it is they think they are trying to do - the determining factor for all digital successes and failures. Being a regular visitor to FOSDEM, I am often found lurking at the back of one or two Perl talks and always say hello to Mark K on the Perl stand (Lets make sure that doesn't get pushed to the dead-end of the corridor). My first major success with Perl was an implementation of Minivend (Thanks Mike) in the 90's and this enabled the development of a successful e-commerce site. In recent times, I am watching Perl 6 closely and looking forward to further exploring the relationship between Perl5 and Perl6 communities! During the day my focus is on setting direction and delivering strategy although this is laced with project and technical challenges which find their way to my desk. During 2018 I wrote a paper for the UK National Health Service (HNS) advocating an 'Open Approach' - it is the first document here: <https://openuk.uk/media-library/> and this lead to the award of a significant [InnovateUK grant](https://blogs.opusvl.com/opusvl/opusvl-receives-innovateuk-funding-for-healthcare-eobs-solution). As well as family time, outside interests keep my hands on the keyboard with prototyping projects usually involving Asterisk, Raspberry Pi, shell scripting, docker, infrastructure, hardware and for recreation, a [PiDP-11](https://obsolescence.wixsite.com/obsolescence/pidp-11). ## References ### Social networks - Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/stuartjmackintosh - Twitter: https://twitter.com/SJMackintosh - Github: https://github.com/StuartJMackintosh - techmint Linux journey: https://www.tecmint.com/linux-journey-of-stuart-j-mackintosh/ ### Talks, blogs & webinars A selection of presentations and documents: - [Lead Public Sector panel at UK Open Source awards 2019](https://opensourceawards.org/speakers-2/) / [OpenUK blog](https://openuk.uk/uk-open-source-awards/) - [GDPR and utilities](https://www.metering.com/industry-sectors/business-finance-regulation/webinar-general-data-protection-regulation-utilities-ready/) - GDPR Conference Europe London, April & June 2017 [Bio](http://www.gdprconference.eu/speakers-850230.html) & [Agenda](http://www.gdprconference.eu/agenda-255822.html) - [GDPR Ready (Birmingham & Rugby March 2018)](https://gdprready.co.uk) - [Digital catapult - NHS & Procurement](https://www.digitalcatapultcentre.org.uk/event/nhs-procurement-minefield/) - [Medetel 2016 programme](https://www.medetel.eu/?rub=educational_program&page=program_2016) & [slides](https://www.medetel.eu/download/2016/parallel_sessions/presentation/day1/Emerging_Acquisition_Model.pdf) - [Wuthering Bytes 2015](http://2015.wutheringbytes.com/days/openforbusiness/talks.html) - [All things Open NC](https://allthingsopen.org/speakers/stuart-mackintosh/) - [Pic1](https://www.flickr.com/photos/allthingsopen/albums/72157677118143846) [Pic2](https://www.flickr.com/photos/allthingsopen/31316161155/in/album-72157677118143846/) [Pic3](https://www.flickr.com/photos/allthingsopen/31201248941/in/album-72157677118143846/) [Pic4](https://www.flickr.com/photos/allthingsopen/31201249271/in/album-72157677118143846/) - [Kable webinar](http://www.business-review-webinars.com/webinar/Technology/Open_Source_Technology_Supporting_Digital_Transformation-7dGLFZyf) - [UK OFE Public Sector group docs](http://www.openforumeurope.org/?s=psg) [Minutes1](http://www.openforumeurope.org/library/ofe-uk-psg-19th-meeting-draft_lmfinal/) [Minutes2](http://www.openforumeurope.org/library/22nd-ofe-uk-psg-draft-action-minutes-v1-0-1/) - [Open Health News 2016](http://www.openhealthnews.com/story/2016-07-11/europeans-joining-forces-promote-open-source-software-healthcare) - [IT Pro Portal - Healthcare, Code4health and Flexibase](http://www.itproportal.com/2016/06/06/flexibase-and-code4health-the-wider-implications/) - [Brambe Hub](http://www.bramblehub.co.uk/partner-events-news/open-source-partner-technology-interchange-event) - [Bradford College - Open Source & careers talk](https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tech-talk-stuart-mackintosh-from-open-uk-tickets-29019480046) - [Government Tech article on OSS](http://www.governmenttechnology.co.uk/supplier-focus/government-seeks-cost-reduction-through-open-standards) - [OpusVL Blog - various articles](https://blogs.opusvl.com/) - [Working Group Collaborative Care Team in Open Source](http://www.chos-wg.eu/Members/members.html) ## Summary Stuart J Mackintosh is based in the UK and has been working with Open Source software for over 25 years and through his company OpusVL (https://opusvl.com/about/about-us) since 1999. Over that time, he has worked with several open source organizations including OFE, FSFE and other Open Source industry associations around the globe. Most recently Stuart leads penUK (https://openuk.uk/about-us/governance/) - a not-for-profit organisation that advocates the use of open source in the UK and supports the development of the supply chain and customer base. He is an avid advocate for Perl and has worked through his company to support Perl community initiatives. These include: - Sponsoring: - the new Perldoc site - Kane - Perl6 developer (https://p6weekly.wordpress.com/2019/03/25/2019-12-cool-truck/). - many toolchain summits - London Perl Workshops (LPW) - JJ's presentations at LPW (http://act.yapc.eu/lpw2017/user/237) - http://whyperl.info - Hosting the Rugby QA Hackathon (http://act.qa-hackathon.org/qa2016/) - Creating the Open Source 'Flexibase' framework (https://github.com/OpusVL/OpusVL-FB11) Having a passion for Open Source software, Stuart developed one of the first e-commerce platforms using Linux which was widely successful. The solution included numerous systems and methods which are only now being used in the marketplace. In recent times Stuart has launched initiatives within the Open technology communities and has supported the UK Government with it’s transition to Open Source and Open Standards. Over the last 25 years, Stuart has worked on a range of projects with privacy and security as key design considerations. These include large financial, retail and gift card solutions, processing high volumes of data records. He has led and advised numerous businesses over the years, supporting others to achieve success. Aside from OpusVL, Stuart currently leads a company he founded in 2014 that successfully delivers servers and networks to the education sector which requires no on-going licensing expenses. He also acquired a company in 2013 established in 1986 that delivers mission critical software to universities, local councils, blue-chips and financial institutions (London Stock Exchange, M&S, Dixons etc) Stuart is also active within the public sector. He was recently appointed chair of the UK Open Source Industry Association and has advised the Cabinet Office on their move towards Open Source and Open Standards Policy. Open Source is now part of the 18 point official Government digital services design principles. Stuart has been recognised nationally, and now internationally as a leader in Open Source technology and therefore has been selected for presentations and talks around the globe.